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Ikon Science is delighted to be exhibiting at EAGE Digital 2024 in Paris. Our team is showcasing our latest software and service solutions including the latest innovations in Machine Learning and Generative AI. Come by Stand 40 and discover why super majors are switching to Curate to solve their Subsurface Data Management challenges and unlock the potential of OSDU.

Our Speakers


Stuart Thompson CTO
9:45 - 10:45, 25/03/24 | Panel Discussion - Strategic and Plenary Agenda

Demystifying Generative AI

ChatGPT has captured mainstream interest since its launch, becoming the fastest-growing consumer application in history. This and other generative AI applications promise to revolutionise the way that we work by enabling widespread usage of advanced AI and machine learning models. The panel discussion will seek to address the impact of Generative AI in automating strategic business processes in the oil and gas value chain. What is the underlying potential for truly transformational innovation and value capture? And what are the key risks and challenges in implementing at the enterprise level?

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James Tomlinson
VP Data Solutions

15:25 - 16:10, 25/03/24 | Poster Session

Optimizing Data Access: A Case Study of Centralising Corporate Well Data 

The oil and gas industry invests in acquiring large volumes of complex subsurface data. The value of legacy data several decades old is high and can still inform current business decisions. However, due to the complexity and variety of the data, the duration of time that it has been acquired over and the potential for corporate transactions to transfer ownership, subsurface data is often spread across multiple locations and systems. Subsequently, it is therefore hard for data consumers to access subsurface data, and even harder for them to rapidly search and identify what is useful for them in their workflows. 


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James Tomlinson
VP Data Solutions

11:10 - 11:50, 26/03/24 | Roundtable Discussion - Strategic and Plenary Agenda

Global industry readiness for OSDU adoption: what is the current status?

OSDU promises a standardised platform for managing and sharing subsurface data, transforming the way that we collaborate with internal units and external partners. Many organisations are actively embracing OSDU as a means of accelerating their digital transformation, driving innovation and creating significant business value. Despite the numerous benefits, implementation across the industry remains varied. During this panel, we will explore the key organisational and industry factors hindering OSDU adoption. How can we prepare a broad spectrum of organisations, each with varying resource capacities and diverse operational natures to capitalise on this initiative?

13:00 - 13:20, 26/03/24 | LIVE Case Study - Ikon Science stand (stand #40)

Live Customer Case Study

Join one of the world's leading O&G innovators as they discuss how Ikon Science is working with them to bring the power of OSDU to their business through our Curate solution.



Venkatesh Anantharamu
ML Product Development Geoscientist

16:50 - 17:10, 27/03/24 | Technical Program - Automated Seismic & Image Interpretation

Comparison of State-of-the-Art Machine Learning Algorithms for Reservoir Characterization and Sweet Spot Detections

13:00 - 13:20, 26/03/24 | LIVE Case Study - Ikon Science stand (stand #40)

Live Customer Case Study

Join one of the world's leading O&G innovators as they discuss how Ikon Science is working with them to bring the power of OSDU to their business through our Curate solution.

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Software & Services


Subsurface Data - Sorted, with Curate

Curate is an innovative knowledge management platform connecting subsurface data across your business and beyond — allowing for improved efficiency and visibility. Quickly connect your teams with access to historically siloed or forgotten business knowledge or inject third-party data to accelerate projects and decision-making. Designed by subsurface experts, Curate delivers an intuitive interface and apps that allow both business leaders and geoscientists to take action from the data. Generative AI Chat


RokDoc Geopredictive Software Platform

RokDoc is the result of more than 20 years of innovative research and industry experience. RokDoc offers a seamless interface incorporating everything from data quality control to modelling and prediction, integrating multidisciplinary workflows for Quantitative Interpretation, Pore Pressure, and Geomechanics. RokDoc utilizes Rock Physics Machine Learning.


Geoscience & Data Consulting Solutions

Accelerate decision-making and speed-to-production while managing budgets, enabling you to find the right balance between CAPEX, OPEX and internal headcount. Access the right expertise and skills, delivering critical projects, and meeting strategic objectives and deadlines while alleviating resource challenges.

Ikon’s services span the breadth of the hydrocarbon lifecycle, including capture and storage solutions (CCUS & Hydrogen) to solve your subsurface challenges. 

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Dr Denis Saussus

Dr Denis Saussus

Stuart Thompson

Stuart Thompson

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Venkatesh Anantharamu


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Dr James Tomlinson

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