This one-hour webinar will be presented with local experts available to discuss the unique needs and challenges in each region via a live Q&A.

  1. June 23rd, 2pm BST (London)/ 8am CDT (Houston)
  2. June 24th, 2pm MYT (Kuala Lumpur/Perth)

What we'll discuss:

The energy industry is investing millions of dollars in wide-ranging digital transformation projects, but frequently these initiatives fail to effect real company-wide improvements in efficiency.
Ikon Science has revolutionized the utilization of our clients vast data and technical resources to make efficiency step changes throughout the organization, (extra space) doing so by building processes to empower on those who add the most value to the organization - the data consumers.
In this talk, Chris Hanton - VP of Data Solutions, will explain how the Ikon Science team works with our clients to map business challenges to their underlying technical causes and build solutions that streamline data utilization from top to bottom of a subsurface department. Using real-life case studies, he will walk through the Ikon Science implementation plan, showing how it guides clients through the process of turning vision into real business enhancing value that begins today.

Meet the presenter:

20200128_Ikon_Chris_Hanton_0981_EDChris Hanton

VP of Data Solutions

Chris Hanton is the VP of Data Solutions at Ikon Science overseeing the scoping, management and delivery of solutions to improve the accessibility, quality and availability of subsurface data across our client organizations.

Chris first joined the industry in 2008, first as a mudlogger before moving into a role as a project petrophysicist, with these positions providing valuable insight to both the potential of data and the all too common bottlenecks that organizations face when it comes to extracting maximum value form their information stores.

Since joining Ikon in 2018 Chris has worked closely with a range of client organizations varying in size and digital maturity. Chris and his team interact with a variety of stakeholders, covering both end-user and management teams to build pragmatic solutions to data challenges in a timely manner, improving the ability for subsurface teams to action effective decision making and positively influence the overall business of the client. The delivered solutions look to work efficiently with existing business rules and standards whilst allowing the client to develop new data procedures as necessary. Chris has an MeSci from the University of Liverpool in Geology and an MSci from the University of Aberdeen in Integrated Petroleum Geoscience



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