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​​Digital transformation is fueling business change in the O&G industry. We show the value of digital transformation, how it can help lower cost, build efficiency and promote innovation. We further discuss knowledge management and how we can simplify data access with Curate with few case studies. ​​Curate allows geoscientist to access clean standardized data and perform data screening workflows in a collaborative environment. This increases confidence and trust in your data to get full value out of it. Paritosh Bhatnagar, Technical Geoscientist
We show various case studies, that we (and clients) can improve predictive subsurface models and maximize value of subsurface information by integrating rock physics and seismic inversion into pore pressure and geomechanics workflows.​​ Jakob Heller, Wells
Ikon Science helps maximize the value of subsurface information to improve drilling, production and completion of wells. E&P Partner
Curate allows all (with permission) to access geological and geophysical reports, detailed workflows, petrophysical reports, drilling history and for instance map out various properties (e.g., pore pressures) for relevant formations/depths based on data/interpretations. The Well Surveillance app in Curate allow all stakeholders to visualize all real-time streamed data, perform interpretations, and compare with all historical data for more informed decisions. Exploration Manager

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