Join us at IMAGE '22 Booth #1637 

You don't want to miss our booth activities at this year's IMAGE conference in Houston, TX at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  We are providing several channels for you to engage with us throughout the show.  Be sure to stop by our booth each day to hear our featured tech talks, see our software with live demos, and network at our themed happy hours.  We are also participating in technical and poster sessions as speakers and chairs. 

Here's a quick look at what we've got planned for you on booth #1637!

Networking Socials


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Icebreaker Party

Kick off IMAGE 22 with us!  We will have live music and beverages on our booth.

5:30PM - 7:30PM


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Music and Mixers 

Joe Dischinger, AWS, will present on our booth, followed by a digital happy hour.

3:30PM - 6:00PM       aws-logo-png-4


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Beers and Banter

Dr. Lev Vernik will present his latest on carbonates, followed by happy hour

3:30PM - 6:00PM

Have a coffee on us!

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Software Demonstrations

Monday-Wednesday 11AM-3PM

Drop by our booth to catch our coffee talk demos.  These 5-10 minute talks will showcase our latest features and upgrades including Ji-Fi, and other modules and apps as part of our RokDoc and Curate solutions.



Featured Booth Tech Talks

Monday 10:00AM

20200128_Ikon_Alan Mur_1298_ED-2

Automated Rock Physics

Join Dr. Alan Mur for a 20 min talk showcasing how we have automated Rock Physics and have taken a process that usually takes hours to complete, down to just a few clicks with our RPML module.

Monday 3:30PM


Digital Transformation

Join Chris Hanton of Ikon Science and Joe Dischinger of AWS as they show how actionable benefits from digital transformation are in reach today for all operators.  "Music & Mixers" happy hour to follow!   

Tuesday 10:00AM


Integrated Workflow

Join Venkatesh Anantharamu to see how an integrated workflow of different disciplines can help optimize drilling decisions and enhance production in this Midland Basin-Fasken Case Study.

Tuesday 3:30PM

20200128_Ikon_Lev Vernik_1232_ED

Fractured Carbonate Rock Physics

Dr. Lev Vernik will show our new model which builds on the foundation of the Vernik-Kachanov RPM to treat carbonate reservoirs with pronounced vertical fracture sets.

Wednesday 10:00AM

20200128_Ikon_Jakob Heller_1081_ED

Get A Grip on Pore Pressure

Join Jakob Heller to understand the impact pore pressure has on safe, efficient drilling and improve assessments of the hydrocarbon prospectivity of a basin.

Attend As Our Guest!

We invite you to be our guest on the exhibit floor for IMAGE 2022!  A guest pass will grant you entry to the exhibit floor where you will be able to access all our booth activities including happy hours, tech talks, and software demos.


Pavilion Speaker

Chris Hanton, Director Digital Transformation Solutions, will be speaking at the Carbon Management and Digitalization Pavilion during IMAGE. 

Click below to add these talks to your calendar:

Technical/Poster Sessions

Catch Ikon Science experts throughout the technical sessions at IMAGE.  Here's where our technical geoscientists are participating in the conference: 

Poster Session: Location 10-C 1
Monday, 29 August -11:10AM
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20200128_Ikon_Jeremy Gallop_0494_ED

Distribution of Injected C02

Join Dr. Jeremy Gallop as he shows how the distribution of injected CO2 in the subsurface affects what can be seen on seismic. 

Session Speaker: Location 362AD
Wednesday, 31 August - 1:45PM
RP 1 Seismic Applications
20200128_Ikon_Jorge Fernandez_1743_ED-1

Building a worldwide carbonate database for rock-physics modeling

Join Jorge Fernandez as he presents his paper, written jointly with Dr. Lev Vernik, to enhance your understanding of carbonate reservoirs to improve production and storage.

Joe Dischinger
Chris Hanton

Ikon Science & AWS Presents

Partner Presentation

Joe Dischinger, AWS and Chris Hanton, Ikon Science

Followed by

Music & Mixers

Featuring Guitarist, Gabriel Montoya

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Our booth will be buzzing with Rockstar's both scientifically and musically.  Join in on the fun!

Monday @ 3:30PM on Booth #1637